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The Ideal Computer Desk

A few years ago, I did a bit of research on computer desks and decided on this AnthroCart model:

The Anthrocart Console Unit Desk

And it's a fantastic computer desk. But its Wife Acceptance Factor (WAF) is abysmal for a few reasons:

  • It's absolutely enormous
  • It's black
  • Its design is better suited to an office than a home

Plus, we just bought a small home in the Bay Area*, and we need to optimize for space. Looks like I'll be selling the Anthrocart.

Which means I'm looking for a smaller desk now.

I had to buy an additional desk when I moved to California, prior to all our stuff arriving. Since we have easy access to IKEA, I went with the IKEA Jerker desk.

IKEA Jerker Desk

You can see the edge of the Jerker in the bottom-most photo of Phil's dog Twiggy. There's something about the Jerker that inspires people: Behold! The shrine to the IKEA Jerker desk!

Although I really do like the Jerker-- and the name alone is worth the 99 bucks-- I'm still researching my options. What is your favorite computer desk, and why?

* Holy crap. That was written in 2004, so add another ~20% appreciation for 2005.

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