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A few people recently pointed out that my personal branding isn't everything that it could be. Joseph Cooney even took matters into his own hands.

Well, I contacted the big man himself, Steve McConnell, and he graciously provided me a high resolution vector file of the original Coding Horror logo used in Code Complete (see it on the page), along with permission to sell items based on that design.

Coding Horror-tshirt front Coding Horror black t-shirt front
United States / Canada
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Buy Coding Horror shirts
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Buy Coding Horror shirts

I also have custom, two color die-cut vinyl stickers based on the same high resolution vector art.

Coding Horror stickers

To give you an idea of scale, the coin in the picture is a nickel. The dimensions of the sticker are 3.55" h × 3" w.

United States
$4 for 4 stickers
$4 for 3 stickers

In case anyone was wondering, the actual Coding Horror font is Frutiger 75 Black, as I figured out today.

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