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See You at MIX08!

Well, you won't technically see me at MIX08 this year. But you will see some very cool top-secret stuff Vertigo created in the keynote.

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MIX is by far my favorite Microsoft conference after attending the '06 and '07 iterations. And not just because this year they have a Rock Band competition* and a screening of The King of Kong with star Steve Wiebe. Oh, and did I mention the exclusive MIX party at the Tao nightclub? These things certainly don't hurt.

What I love about Mix is that it ...

  • is relatively small and intimate, at around 2,000 attendees.
  • seamlessly merges software engineering and design.
  • includes a lot of non-Microsoft folks, even those that are traditionally hostile to Microsoft, so there's plenty of perspective.

And it's in Las Vegas. Although I find gambling dreadfully boring (hey, maybe that's another reason why I never got into World of Warcraft), there's always something fun to do.

If you work in the Microsoft stack, and any of that sounds even vaguely interesting -- sign up for next year's MIX when you can. You won't be disappointed. In fact, I guarantee satisfaction. If you attend MIX and don't thoroughly enjoy the experience, then I dare say there's something wrong with you.

A team at Vertigo has been working at breakneck pace over the last two months to build something extra-special that will be shown in the MIX keynote. Of course I can't talk about it until the actual keynote Wednesday morning, but I will give you this one hint: it invokes the power of rock. Details will be available on Vertigo's MIX page in time with the keynote.

Our fearless leader, Scott Stanfield, will also be delivering a blacklisted MIX session on Friday, which expands on what we're showing in the keynote. Be sure to mark this one on your calendar if you're in attendance.

mix08: Vertigo's blacklisted session

I've been specifically told "it'll be epic; wear your pampers." Duly noted.

* Which Vertigo is totally going to win. You read it here first.

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