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Meet the Arch-Nemesis of Productivity: The Internet

In a world of 43Folders* and dozens of other blogs that worship at the altar of Getting Things Done, it's a little surprising that nobody has taken aim at the #1 enemy of productivity everywhere: The Internet.

Do you spend so much time obsessively keeping up with the latest ninja tips on productivity, programming, and time management that you run out of time to actually Get Things Done?

If so, you're not alone.

I have a wee problem with procrastination. The internet, and chain upon chain of fascinating links, is never more than a keystroke away. It's a problem.

Internet Distractions**

Sometimes I truly think I'd be more productive if I disconnected my ethernet jack.

All things in moderation, I suppose, but it's hard to sip from a firehose of information.

* Soon to be a book, I'm sure.
** Reprinted from Asher Sarlin's Elephantitis of the Mind

Written by Jeff Atwood

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