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Is your PC boring?

The "beige box" PC industry has been slow to capitalize on Apple's proven track record of design. I may not be interested in the Mac Mini, but I sure hope it spurs Taiwanese manufacturers* to produce more interesting looking small form factor PCs designs. And some of that will, hopefully, spill over into desktop PCs as well. I've certainly never seen any Taiwanese manufactuer produce any cases as original as these new ASUS Vento models:

ASUS Vento PC cases

Kinda pricey at $149 via NewEgg, but you have to put that in perspective by viewing the vast wasteland of Taiwanese PC cases. Yes, you can get whatever PC case you want, as long as you want either hideous or boring. Don't make me bring up the Doggie case again.

You can read a review of the ASUS Vento 3600 at Extremetech, by the venerable Loyd Case. Loyd's been a fixture in the PC hardware community for ages.

* "Taiwanese manufacturers" is a synonym for "Dell's crack team of product designers".

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