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Coding Horror Stickers

As I alluded to in the T-Shirt post, Coding Horror stickers have arrived:

Coding Horror stickers

These are custom, two color die-cut vinyl stickers based on the high resolution vector art so graciously provided by our kind benefactor, Steve McConnell. To give you an idea of scale, the coin in the picture is a nickel. The dimensions of the sticker are 3.55" h × 3" w.

As a thank you to my readers, anyone who emails me from now until midnight PDT Wednesday, August 16th gets a free Coding Horror sticker. Please make the title of the email "free sticker", and don't forget to provide your full postal address. You must live in the US or Canada.*

Update: we've reached 350 stickers; the free sticker offer is now closed. I totally blame Mike Gunderloy. I'll try to get all the stickers out by Monday. I think you'll really like them!

United States
$4 for 4 stickers
$4 for 3 stickers

* Sorry, international readers. Dealing with postage rate scales makes my tiny American brain hurt.

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