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Code Snippets in VS.NET 2005

One of the most enjoyable new features in Visual Studio .NET 2005 is Code Snippets. This animated GIF illustrates how it works:

VS.NET 2005 code snippets in action

I'm demonstrating three types of snippets here:

  • simple expansion
  • template expansion (with variables)
  • surround

The easiest way to enter a code snippet is to begin typing part of the snippet shortcut name, eg "prop" for property expansion. Once you've typed enough to uniquely select the snippet shortcut name, press:

Tab,Tab (in C#)

?,Tab (in VB.NET)

.. and the snippet will appear. If it's a templated snippet:

Tab advances to the next field

Shift+Tab moves to the previous field

Enter completes the snippet and resumes editing at your previous cursor position

If you want to enclose code in a surrounding snippet (eg, you have code highlighted for a region), you must manually invoke snippet intellisense by pressing:

Ctrl+K, Ctrl+X

VB.NET's implementation of snippets is a bit more robust than the one in C#.

  1. VB.NET has a zillion snippets shipping in the box where C# has maybe.. two dozen?
  2. VB.NET supports code snippets that automatically add any necessary Import statements.
The VB IDE team has a helpful code snippets FAQ that covers the language differences in detail.

There's a snippet management UI you can invoke via the Tools, Code Snippets Management menu, or by pressing:

Ctrl+K, Ctrl+B

From here you can import and export snippet files, but there's no editor for creating new ones. Snippets are just XML files with a ".snippet" extension that live in these language specific folders:

  • c:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio 8VBSnippets1033
  • c:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio 8VC#snippets1033
Assuming you don't enjoy editing raw XML files, it might be easier to go with Microsoft's Snippy, a GUI for creating VB.NET and C# code snippets. There's also Michael Palermo's new website for sharing code snippets, although there don't seem to be many there at the moment.

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