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Resharper for VB.NET

Inspired by Jeff Key's "if loving Resharper is wrong I don't wanna be right" soliloquy, I emailed JetBrains to see if they had plans to bring Resharper-- currently a C# only tool-- to VB.NET. This was their response:

Of course there will be support for VB.NET, but it will be available only in ReSharper for Visual Studio 2005, which will come out just after the official release of Visual Studio 2005.

Andrey Serebryansky
Support Engineer
JetBrains, Inc

This is news to me-- good news! However, I did enjoy the unintentional irony of Resharper's most "powerful and helpful" feature:

One of the most powerful and helpful features in ReSharper is its ability to quickly detect and highlight errors in code, without the need to compile it. ReSharper automatically analyzes your code while you work and will highlight a variety of possible syntax or logical errors. It can also detect and emphasize statements or constructs that you should be warned about (e.g., unused or uninitialized variables).

Smells like teen spiritbackground compilation, something VB has had since 1997. Does it increase productivity? Absolutely. Just ask Jeff Key.

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