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On Frameworkitis

Alex Gorbatchev, after a long hiatus, is blogging again. What was keeping him away? Frameworkitis.

This is the longest break in posting I've had in the last 2.5 years of blogging. Community Server is really bringing me down… I just don't like it.

So, I started working on my own blog engine… for like the 6th time. This time it's different. It's actually moving ahead. Not so long ago I read an article about how to stay productive on a project. One thing that I took away from it, was the most crippling problem in all my previous projects - procrastinating via developing frameworks. Every time I have started working on my own blog, I delved deep into creating frameworks and [needless] to say, none of my previous 5 attempts went even as far as being able to post a new entry.

It really is very hard trying to stay away from creating libraries, thinking about future uses and what extra things I can put in that might used in the future. Simply creating code that works and only does what I need it to really helps to move things ahead.


Can you guess what the number one sin in Eric Gunnerson's Seven Deadly Sins of Programming is? I bet you can.

Although I'll admit I've been sorely tempted myself, I wonder if writing your own blog software isn't a form of procrastination in and of itself.

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