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Secretly, We're All Geeks

Scott Hanselman was kind enough to sing the praises of my blog a few months ago, completely unprompted. I finally met Scott in person at TechEd this year, and I can assure you that if you suck, Scott will be the first person to tell you that you suck.* That's how he rolls, ese. So getting a thumbs up from Mr. Hanselman is hard-earned praise indeed, and I do appreciate it.

In the fine tradition of paying it forward, I want to pass on similar kudos to one of my favorite blogs-- Leon Bambrick's secretGeek.


Sure, there may be other blogs out there by authors who are better writers, or who have killer technical chops, but Leon is all that stuff, and he's consistently funny, too. And not in an uncomfortable, soul-baring, More Than I Needed To Know Rory Blythe kind of way, or in the highly unfortunate I Can't Believe This Passes For Humor way of User Friendly.

Secretly, we may all be geeks-- but very few geeks are as talented at walking the fine line of technical comedy as Mr. Leon Bambrick. It's all funny because it's all true. Take a few minutes to read through his archives and you'll see what I mean.

* But in an amusing way, so you'll laugh at how much you suck, too. ;)

Written by Jeff Atwood

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