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Disk Space

Hard disk space, like CPU speed, isn't increasing as fast as it used to:

hard disk size over time

Still, 400gb drives can be had, and it's not difficult to build a terabyte array if you need to. Which begs the question-- where does all that hard drive space go?

Two tools I use to demystify the "gee, I had 50gb free yesterday" conundrum are overdisk

overdisk screenshot

... and treesize.

treesize screenshot

Stuart Dootson also pointed out spacemonger, another graphical representation:

spacemonger screenshot

I like the Tufte-esque visual style of overdisk, but I'm not convinced the information is any more useful when presented in that format. I run Treesize on servers, too, and I'd like to find a command-line equivalent of Treesize if anyone knows of one.

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