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Near the end of PDC, Microsoft dropped everyone a copy of the latest version of Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite:

About Visual Studio .NET 2005 RTM

This is version 2.0.50727.26 (RTM.050727-2600), compared to Beta 2's 2.0.50215.44 (beta2.050215-4400). Unfortunately, unlike Beta 2, it doesn't have a "go live" license. It may not matter since the launch date is November 9, less than a month and a half from now.

In order to install this version, you have to meticulously uninstall the prior beta. Uninstalling VS.NET 2005 is.. kind of a pain. There are several pages at Microsoft documenting the right order to uninstall the twenty-three components that make up VS.NET. If you don't uninstall things in the right order, you may have problems. To handle partial uninstalls, there's a VS.NET beta cleanup tool from Microsoft, which is documented on the Beta 2 Install Issues page.

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